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Clichetivity Promotion

2010-04-18 03:17:11 by TheMurphness

First of all, I would like to thank all who voted on my submission here at Newgrounds, as well as all the supportive comments.


I was very grateful to receive such a great score. I did in fact work hard on this, mostly on the concept. My overall goal, however, when I decided to submit it to Newgrounds was to finally have something enter the Stick Collection.

I was thrilled to receive 5th Daily, however nothing more was attributed to it. What I ask, from anyone who enjoyed this submission as well as agrees with me on this, is for everyone to recommend it for the Stick Collection. I am not forcing anyone to do so, I am merely asking from anyone who agrees to do so. What I did not intend was for it to fall into anonymity, so just view the submission and decide for yourself.

As an addition, I have noticed that many other featured submissions have far lower scores...

Thank you for hearing me out, and even if you do not intend to recommend, I at least hope you were entertained by the animation.

PS My blogsite holds every work I have created, which can be found here.

2nd time to post this


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2010-04-18 23:48:12

I recommended it for you! (=
Also hi


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